Saturday, March 29, 2008

U.S. military buildup on Iran border

Here we go people, get ready. It seems that the prediction former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter made in Ferndale on January 26 may be coming true.

The Russian News and Information agency has reported that the U.S naval presence is at levels that haven't been seen since right before the U.S invasion of Iraq. This is coupled with a newly dispatched battle carrier group.

The article also quotes a couple of Russian officials claiming that the U.S. does intend to launch quick airstrikes on Iran.

This is similar to what Scott Ritter told a packed house at Ferndale's First United Methodist Church. Ritter predicted that in April there will be a military strike in Iran that will last 5-7 days, with troops coming later. Why April? Part of the reason is that the military’s modernization of B-1 bombers and bunker busters will be finished in late March, early April.

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