Saturday, November 29, 2008

"New oil pipeline across Minnesota approved"

From the Star Tribune:

New oil pipeline across Minnesota approved

"Minnesota energy regulators gave their approval Tuesday to a new pipeline that will come out of Canada carrying crude oil across northern Minnesota and on to Wisconsin.

The unanimous decision by the five-member Public Utilities Commission followed a pitch from U.S.-based affiliates of Enbridge Inc., that the 1,000-mile pipeline will help supply the north central United States with reliable energy from a friendly neighbor, at a time of volatile petroleum prices and growing demand by a growing population."

This ruling comes amidst concerns that the Canadian tar sands are exporting pollution to the Great Lakes states. The refining process of oil from the tar sands takes one barrel of oil to produce three barrels of oil. Throughout the Great Lakes region there are several projects aimed at refining tar sands oil.

How the Oil Sands Got to the Great Lakes Basin

Workshops Explain Michigan's Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool

There will be three workshops located throughout Michigan to explain Michigan's water withdrawal assessment tool. The workshops explain the guidelines for large scale withdrawals of 100,000 gallons or more per day of surface or groundwater. The event is being put on by the MSU Institute of Water Research.

The workshops will also show the new online assessment tool that allows potential users to apply for large water withdrawals online.

I reported about this back in March: Scrutinizing Michigan's Assessment Tool

Register Here

West-Central Michigan

Seating limited to 40
Only -12 Seats left!

December 4
Montcalm Community College
Panhandle Area Center
5856 Federal Road
Howard City, MI 49329

Local Contact: Jim Breinling

Southeast Michigan
Site Registration List
Seating limited

December 8
Macomb Intermediate School District
Educational Service Center
44001 Garfield
Clinton Twp., MI 48038-1100

Local Contact: Terry Gibb

Ottawa County Michigan
Seating limited

January 22, 2009
Ottawa County Fillmore Complex Admin Bldg Main Conference Room
12220 Fillmore St.
West Olive, MI 49460

Local Contact: Tom Dudek

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Separating the Mississippi from the Great Lakes?

The Alliance for the Great Lakes released a report today about the "ecological separation" of the Mississippi river from the Great Lakes. The call for action comes amid the floundering electric carp barrier in the Chicago River. The electric Carp barrier is still not allowed to be turned on to its full capacity because of safety concerns. Meanwhile, the biggest fear is that the Asian carp will invade the Great lakes. The Asian carp can grow up to 100 pounds and can eat 20 percent of its body weight in plankton. The fish would also disrupt recreational boating since it has a tendency to jump out of the water when it hears boat motors.

Though the proposal would be very expensive it would ensure a 100 percent effectiveness on aquatic invasive species. The only other major source of invasive species that would be left to deal with would be coming to a consensus with Canada on how to regulate the ballast water of ships.

Chicago’s electric carp barrier hits a snag

Conservation group urges separation of Great Lakes, Mississippi basin waters

Alliance for the Great Lakes Press Release

Alliance for the Great Lakes Report on the ecological separation of the Mississippi River from the Great Lakes